Next gen agriculture

Soilless, hydroponics and vertical farming represent the crest of the renewal wave in agricultural techniques and technologies. The main drivers are greater quantity and better quality of food, universal access to food, reduction of environmental impact, adaptation to environmental changes. Main topics New CAP Farm2Fork Supporting and promotional legislation in Italy European taxonomies and economic […]

Farming the city

Soilless techniques potentially lead to the decoupling of primary production (agriculture) from the countryside, a potential fully realized with vertical farms, which in the today context make little sense if implemented in other than urban or peri-urban settings. What impact do the new production techniques will have on the city? A range of fascinating topics, […]

Microalgae applications

Microalgae apps. Pharmaceutical and cosmetic chemistry, food and nutraceutics The uses of microalgae biomass and active ingredients are spreading more rapidly in those applications where average prices can be high, in other words those that are used in first person by humans. Main topics The world market for algae-based food European research projects The new […]

Cyber agriculture

The so-called  4.0 trend, the new wave of automation and digitalization, has already begun to invest the primary sector. However, what is revolutionary in field crops is essential to make the most of above-ground techniques and in some cases, such as vertical farms, to make them economically sustainable. Main Topics Planning and control Big data […]

Greenhouses are green

The recurring accusation aimed at soilless crops, and more generally to those cultivated in a controlled environment, concerns their sustainability. Beyond the instrumental and commercially motivated controversies, scientific studies have now demonstrated the superiority of soilless and hi-tech techniques over traditional soil-based ones. But the search for sustainability never stops. Main Topics Energy: CHP, renewables […]

Technologies and innovations for microalgae cultivation

Microalgae are universally recognized for their extraordinary ability to synthesize the most diverse useful molecules. The major obstacle to the greater diffusion of their use remains the cost, which depends on the productivity of the crops and, ultimately, on the methods of cultivation and recovery of the active ingredients and biomass. A fundamental session to […]

The Future of outside ground between limits and potentials

Soilless crops find a place in Italy in some very advanced and successful realities. Soilless is also the technique underlying vertical farms and aquaponics. Despite this, however, this type of cultivation struggles to really find space in our country. What are the reasons that limit it? What are the critical issues to address? What are […]

Soilless market

The soilless production of crops is mainly aimed at food, in all its nuances, from direct consumption to ingredients. But that’s not all. From ornamental plants to extracts, a surprising and inspiring overview. Main topics: Fresh-cut Catering Retail Food transformation and packaging industries Specialties and x-free foods Nutraceutical and pharmaceutical ingredients Feed for farmed animals  […]

Obtaining more from microalgae

The biosynthetic capabilities of microalgae are extraordinary but research soon found that there is much more than what appears. Under particular conditions, microalgae produce more and moreover are able to synthesize useful molecules that are not normally part of their arsenal. The economic potential of new strains and sometimes even of new species is discovered […]