Genetics and varietal selections for vertical farming

HostYoury Pii, Professor, University of Bozen From genetic selection to environmental selection: the importance of indoor microclimateCaterina Carpineti, Researcher of Vertical Farming at Business Unit Greenhouse Horticulture and Flower Bulbs – Wageningen University and Research  Varietal selection in horticultureMarco Cossu, Assistant Professor, University of Sassari Round TableVertical Farming the motivation for a de novo domestication? […]

Urban Farming

HostGabriella Funaro, Architect and CTS NovelFarm Soilless farming and agricultural incomeMaurizio Interdonato, Professor,  Ca’ Foscari University of Venice  Toward more sustainable, resilient and community-driven urban food systems: experiences from the European project FoodE – Food systems in European CitiesGiuseppina Pennisi, Researcher, Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna Investments for vertical farmingMassimo Dominici, Head of Investment […]

Indoor farming technologies

HostMattia Accorsi, Project manager, HIND Modula Farm: vertical farming solution for the cultivation of strawberriesMassimiliano Gigli, CEO, MODULA FogPonicsMartin Peter, Co-founder, Lite&Fog  Speech sponsorHow to increase the meso and microelements in the nutrient solution without changing the concentration and the ratios between ammoniacal nitrogen and nitric nitrogenPierfranco Baraglia, Agronomist Technical Support East Europe, Green Has […]

Indoor farming as a strategic sector of primary food production

HostDaniele Massa, Director, CREA – Horticulture and Floriculture Research Center Fresh food provisioning through indoor plant cultivationMattia Accorsi, Project manager, HIND Off-site crops and food securityGiuseppina Pennisi, Researcher, Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna Indoor farming, for the environment and agriculturePhilip Thurn Valsassina, President, Confagricoltura Friuli Venezia Giulia  The contribution of off-land to sustainable agricultural […]

Haifa solutions for soilless cultivation & vertical farming

Workshop Arena Urban Farm Haifa Haifa Group, da sempre leader nella promozione delle migliori soluzioni per la nutrizione specialistica delle colture in fuori suolo, esporrà le principali innovazioni nel campo dei prodotti per la concimazione. Dal Multi-K Reci, Nitrato di Potassio a minimo contenuto in sodio garantito, specifico per coltivazioni con ricircolo della soluzione nutritiva […]

ALGAEFARM – Biomass: selection, modification and production of microalgae

HostAlberto Bertucco, Professor, University of Padua Welcome remarksAntonio Marzocchella, President, AISAM Photobiology and circularity: a modelPiero Santoro, Technical director, MEG Scienze How to multiply the biomass production in microalgae cultivation                                     Richard Sayre, New Mexico Consortium Los Alamos […]

Not just vegetables: indoor farming for mushrooms, industry and non-food

HostBarbara Righini, Journalist, Agronotizie  Bridging The Gap – Utilising CEA To Produce Alternative & Additional ProteinsMark Horler, Chairman, UK Urban AgriTech  Molecular plant factories and automated vertical farmsLinda Avesani, Professor, University of Verona Hydroponic forageLuigi Ceci, Professor, University of Bari Introducing Taeda Tech Project – Developing a Novel Aeroponics System for Nursery Tree Biomass productionZoe […]

The uses of microalgae: industry, food, pharma, environment, energy

HostLiliana Rodolfi, Professor, University of Florence Regulatory Aspects of algae production: constraints and opportunities Nicolò Bassi, CTO, Biosyntex Microalgae for industrial and urban wastewater treatment: Where are we?Elena Ficara, Professor, University of Milan Nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria for protein productionEleonora Sforza, Professor, University of Padua High quality spirulina for food useAndrea Moro, CTO & President, Livegreen  Volcanic ProteinsFabian […]